June 2024 archive

Episode 325: In the Dynamics Corner Chair: Unlocking Additional Value with Power Automate

Brad and Kris speak with Blazej Kotelko, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and Power Platform integration Product Manager, in this conversation. They discuss the use of connectors in Power Automate, the availability of APIs for integration, and the limitations of on-premises versus cloud environments. Blazej also provides insights and suggestions for getting started with the …

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Episode 324: In the Dynamics Corner Chair: The Excellence of Business Central’s AI Analysis Views

In this episode, Tasha Anspach joins Kris and Brand to discuss various topics, including personal anecdotes and a detailed discussion on using CoPilot in Business Central for analysis views and Excel reporting. The conversation thoroughly explores using Excel reports and pivot tables within Business Central, including creating, filtering, and analyzing data. It also delves into …

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Episode 323: In the Dynamics Corner Chair: Determining the Product Roadmap and the Power of Copilot

In this conversation, Jannik Bausager, Group Product Manager for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, discusses various product roadmap and strategy topics. He explains how the product roadmap is determined. He also discusses the planning horizon for the roadmap, highlighting the difference between planning and sharing specific details. The conversation covered various topics related to the …

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